Anleitung zum Update der CAM

1. Open IPCamFinder software and press "Find IP Cam" button.

2. When it display a camera ip address, you can press left key of mouse at MAC
address. (00:13:FE:xx:xx:xx).

3. Modify IP address, if you PC is, you can use to camera. ( IP address is
A.B.C.D, you need to set the same A.B.C )

4. After change ip address, you need to press "Apply" button at IPCamFinder software.

5. Then press "Show IP Cam" button, it will connect IPCam Web browser.

4. Input id: root and pw: admin.

5. Enter English?IPCam Config?Device Admin

6. Press "software update" strings. (The strings is hide.)

Ps: Maybe you can input to upload.

7. Browser your IPCamEUOV_2_9.bin. file and press "Upload" button.

8. When it upload ok, it will display a "Reboot immediately" information, you need to press "Yes" button.

9. If after update, the camera value has something error, please press to hold Default key 8 seconds at the IP Camera hardware.